The sun shines on Archbishop Blanch

The sun was shining at Archbishop Blanch as students patiently waited to collect their GCSE results. There were tears of joy, shouts of delight and gasps of astonishment as students opened their envelopes to discover the results of their hard work. Through exceptional circumstances its students have applied themselves diligently and their application and commitment to their studies has been remarkable.

Staff at the school where incredibly proud of each and every one of its students and were pleased to celebrate their hard work, effort and achievement. Despite the challenging circumstances of the last two years its students have demonstrated immense resilience, maturity and strength of character.

Headteacher, Mrs Madeloso said: “The last eighteen months have been an extremely challenging time in school. There have been many highs and lows, we have not enjoyed sending children home to isolate, have lost the vibrancy of a full school and we have missed community events.

“This made results days even more enjoyable. Students were really put through the mill with the intensity of robust ongoing assessment and the uncertainty of the year. They were all a little apprehensive arriving for results, so their happiness and excitement was even more tangible.

“We are so proud of the students and their families for their determination to succeed throughout a time of uncertainty. They have achieved so much and have developed skills that will make them so much more resilient in the future.”

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