The three Dads campaigning for suicide prevention in the school curriculum

Three fathers who have been bereaved by suicide announced today they will take on a charity walk to have suicide prevention included in the school curriculum.

Andy Airey, Mike Palmer and Tim Owen – known as ‘3 Dads Walking’ – will trek more than 500 miles in memory of their daughters.

Sophie Airey

Beth Palmer
Emily Owen

On 9 September 2022, the three dads will set off on a trek from Northern Ireland to Scotland, journey through Wales and finish at London. This will be the eve of World Suicide Prevention Day.

Along their journey, the three dads will be urging politicians to do more to reduce young suicides.

They will be walking in memory of their daughters Sophie, Beth and Emily.

Bereaved father Andy Airey said: “More than 200 schoolchildren are lost to suicide every year. That is both a tragedy and a national scandal which needs to be addressed.

“Our walk is to provide a focus for continuing the conversation with Government about embedding suicide prevention in the school curriculum. 

“Young people want to know more about mental wellbeing and where to get help and schools have a vital role to play in saving young lives.”

Together, Andy, Mike and Tim have already raised more than £880,000 for national charity PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide.

In-fact, this is not the first walk they have done.

In autumn 2021, the three teamed up to walk 300-miles in memory of their daughters.

Starting at Andy’s home in Cumbria, the route took them through Greater Manchester where Mike lives, and they finished their journey at Tim’s home in Norfolk.

The dads’ personal stories of suicide received global media attention. Hollywood stars Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig each donated £10,000 to their cause.

Ged Flynn, chief executive of PAPYRUS, said the 3 Dads Walking are already life-savers.

“Andy, Mike and Tim were leading different lives in different parts of the country and would probably never have met had they not been brought together by the tragedy and trauma of suicide which has shattered their lives and the lives of those around them.

“As the 3 Dads Walking, they are able to channel their energy and focus on what they can do to help save young lives.

“They have already helped to start conversations in homes where families were unwilling to discuss suicide. It is remarkable that these proud fathers, who are each trying to deal with their own grief in their own way, have found a positive path forward together.”

To follow the dads’ four-week walk; and to find out how to join them when they arrive in a town near you, you can find their route, here:

More information about 3 Dads Walking can be found on their website, here:

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