The Treehouse opens at Blessed Sacrament

Blessed Sacrament Catholic Primary School has formally opened its doors to a new special educational needs provision called The Treehouse for children who have autism – a communication and interaction difficulty. 

Some of the children who attend The Treehouse are children from its local community or children who will be travelling from different parts of the city to be dropped off and picked up in either taxis or minibuses.  

Initially, the aim will be for 10 children in the Early Years and KS1 Treehouse (located in the infant building) and 10 junior aged children (located in the junior building), with the plan to expand to 15 children inSeptember. 

Mr Davey, executive headteacher at Blessed Sacrament said: “We are extremely proud, to say the least, that as a school we decided to undertake this long but very worthwhile journey to open our provision. In conjunction with Liverpool Local Authority (LA), we worked closely with them in developing The Treehouse, a journey that started all the way back in February 2020!  

“Through this close collaboration with our LA and Liverpool City Council colleagues, we believe that we have developed an outstanding, high-quality provision for the children of our city. All we and their families want is for the children to settle in quickly so that we can then begin to see them be happy, start to make great progress and ultimately thrive in The Treehouse. 

“Everything about both of The Treehouse’s is bespoke. The design of the remodelled parts of our existing building is unique – which has created two brand new facilities that include incredible new sensory rooms and an amazing range of resources specifically bought to meet the needs of the children. 

“The school has appointed specialist teaching and learning support staff who bring a wealth of experience from their time working in other local special schools.” 

The school are also offering people who would like to find out more about The Treehouse @ Blessed Sacrament, to pay a visit to the school website at where they can enjoy a virtual tour of both provisions, photographs and access additional information. 

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