Things to do: Summer edition

Looking for some family fun and exciting activities to take up over the holidays? Educate has picked out three great ideas to try out. Whether you’re loooking to connect with your adventurous side on dry land, or something more water-related, find something new to do this summer.


Summer is the perfect time to get your climbing shoes on and clamber up heights you’ve never even dreamed of… if you’re an expert, of course!

For some, the comfort of being indoors with plenty of safety precautions is a much better option, especially for young aspiring climbers who want to channel their inner Spiderman.

Indoor climbing areas are a great way to climb with confidence, stay cool and have lots of fun in the process. Just be sure to wear appropriate clothing! macclesfield/climbing/ kids-climbing


Instead of splashing at the beach, why not try kayaking?

A great cardio workout, this low impact activity is a great way to improve aerobic fitness, strength and flexibility.

This sport usually requires teamwork, especially for beginners, and can be a great way to bond with other people. Even better, kayaking is a wonderful opportunity to connect both with nature and your adventurous side. Kayaking in calm water is ideal if you want to glide along the water at a leisurely pace. Families can share and navigate their own boat, which is a fun way of developing communication skills. For those who are looking for a more adventurous kayaking session, there is also the option to crash through rapids on white water. There are plenty of areas where an expert will guide you on how to safely make your way through the waters.


A sun setting gracefully upon the horizon, calm waters, a fishing rod in hand – it’s a picture of peace. The art of fishing has many significant mental health benefits, including reduced stress, increased concentration and an overall improvement of self esteem. In the UK, you can usually fish recreationally in the sea (salt water) without a licence, although for most river and lake fishing (fresh water) you will need a licence, which you can find more about here:

Be sure to check specific locations before grabbing your rod and vest, as these may require licenses!

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