Walking and talking to success

For the second year, the students at Notre Dame have been supported in developing a successful examination technique called the ‘Walking and Talking Exam’.

Mrs Kane, head of English at the college, meets the students in an examination hall, with a difference.

Instead of total silence, Mrs Kane talks the students through each section of a ‘mock’ English GCSE examination guiding students in what to look for. The exam script is projected onto a screen and as the students work, one other English teacher, completes the paper for the students to see.

Mrs Kane said: “This is a method suggested by the examination board to help students overcome the pressure they experience during the exam sessions.

“It is about training the brain to focus on the examination script and organise their timing in answering each question.

“In the relaxed atmosphere of the classroom the students can usually cope with the exam and completing it within the set period, however during the proper exam we find that some students tend to become anxious and we find this a very helpful way to support the students in developing an exam technique where they can eliminate the pressure”.

Survey results after the students’ experience is very positive showing that 84% of Year 11 students felt an increase in their confidence level.

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