Through young eyes

St Michael’s C of E High School, Crosby welcomed Bill Esterston, Member of Parliament for Sefton who visited the Christian Aid art exhibition ‘Through Young Eyes’ which was held at the school.

Through Young Eyes, is a series of drawings by Palestinian teenagers who lived through the Israel Gaza conflict, in the Gaza strip, in the summer of 2014  and is part of a wider exhibition of work by Palestinian artists.

The visit also included a question and answer session on various aspects of the works and issues surrounding the lives of the Palestinian young people.

The exhibition was arranged through the Christian Aid partner, Culture and Free Thought Association (CFTA), who after the ceasefire supervised the young artists to go out to shelters to meet other children and listen to their stories.

These stories and discussions, their own experiences and what they heard on the news and from within their communities, inspired the illustrations on display.

Headteacher Dr Hulme said: “he was delighted to bring this exhibition to St Michael’s C of E High School and hopes that the works give a new insight into the lives of those who lived through the Israel Gaza conflict.”

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