Time to try something new this year

Perhaps your new year resolutions are about finding new activities to do together as a family or simply trying something you never have before… What better time to take up something new than at the start of a new year. The team at Educate has put together some ideas for all the family to try out in 2023.

Stand up and be counted

Stand-up paddleboarding is one of the fastest growing watersports that involves standing up on a board and using a paddle to make your way through the water. It is a great way to build all-body strength – your core, quads, shoulders, arms and knees will all benefit! Paddle-boarding around the cold waters is sure to get the family energised.

Liverpool Watersports Centre:

Climb to new heights

For those people who prefer indoor activities, rock climbing is the way to go! Rock climbing isn’t just great exercise, but it’s also really good for increasing cognitive thinking. Adults and children will have to think hard about where to put their hands and feet next in order to climb to their goal. Communication between the family will strengthen too – everyone can chip in and help each other. It’s also good for developing imagination.

Rock Over Climbing:

Aim for the stars

With winter being the darkest season, this is the perfect time to go and watch the stars with the family if you haven’t tried it before. Stargazing is a great stress reliever, a time to switch off from work and school and to connect with nature. If the adults know some constellations or learn some myths and legends, this could create some wonderful memories for the future. Pick a place with low light pollution. While winter is the ideal season as children don’t have to stay up late, to avoid the chilly nights, spring is still a good time to have a go at this relaxing activity.

Go Stargazing: england/north-west-england/

New adventures

While reading is proven to be a powerful tool in increasing general knowledge and improving literacy, only a quarter of children in 2021 said they read for pleasure. One of the main barriers to this was that children are not read to. While it is easy to get caught up in our lives, reading not only has many benefits for an individual, but it can also build strong bonds between parent and child. It’s always good to check if your local library is doing anything for children, such as ‘Bookstart and Rhyme Time’ – great for a child’s development and allows parents to meet with each other.

Your local library:

On target

Archery goes back many thousands of years. In England, it became a popular sport amongst the aristocracy. It is also very famous in mythology – think Cupid and his bow and arrow! Shooting an arrow at a target requires more concentration than you would think, and is also good for your handeye coordination. It can also help build confidence and character.

Carden Park:

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