Tony Snell

My School
Queen of All Saints, Townsend Lane

My Favorite Teacher
A science teacher called Conor Hodge, Irish guy lovely man.

My Favourite Subject at School
So predictable really…anything to do with sport, I did  like woodwork and metalwork though.

My Best Friend at School
Kevan Moss, he has recently become a granddad at the age of 43, frightening!!

My Favourite Childhood Book
Always loved Robinson Crusoe, still have it today.

Do you remember your first school love
God yes…Tracey Clelland her name was, she didn’t want to know really, the girl obviously had sense! Love is tough when you are nine.

My views on school dinners
I loved them, I honestly did, being frightened into eating things you didn’t like put kids off, but it never happened in my school, well I was probably to busy eating to notice if it did.

My favourite childhood singer/band
To this day I am still convinced that I am STING! I did go through a phase of being Paul Weller in his Jam days.

What my teachers said about me in my school report?
I was a good kid up until about the age of thirteen and then I went off the rails a bit, thankfully I came back but I lost about eighteen months just being class clown, great shame.

What were your ambitions while at school?
I think just to get a job was a massive achievement for most kids who left school in the early eighties, I still think I have been incredibly lucky, I didn’t study hard enough.

Where you streetwise or a geek?
Quite streetwise then, there were people you didn’t get mixed up with, if you did it was your own look-out! I had my teenage moments but the most important thing as a young teen was “do I have the right traineeeees on!” Seems silly now but so important at the time. As for now, I think I’m pretty grounded but I am nowhere near as streetwise as my twenty-one-year-old nephew, if I was that would be wrong wouldn’t it?

What does the future hold for yourself?
Well who knows, life would be very dull if we had a script to look over, I love the cliché of, “Life is not a rehearsal” it’s an oldie but a goodie.

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