Top reasons to study computer science

A degree in computer science can provide the right tools to build a satisfying and potentially lucrative career in a wide range of industries. At LJMU, the team is committed to developing graduates who are ready to go out into the world and make a real difference.

The brilliant minds of computer scientists have created the modern digital world that is often taken for granted. Computing is now essential in almost every walk of life from transport to retail, banking and even healthcare. The gadgets and technologies that are used every day were all developed by computing graduates. LJMU is committed to equipping its students with the skills to drive forward these technologies and become the next generation of digital innovators!

The School of Computer Science and Mathematics at Liverpool John Moores University is a supportive and forward-thinking learning environment with a range of courses to suit any scientific mind. Students can choose from computer games development, computer security, forensics or even software engineering. The LJMU team is passionate about network and information security, networking and distributed systems, computer games technology, online security, applied computing and critical infrastructure protection.

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The university collaborates closely with industry and professional experts, and works alongside organisations like the BBC, Panasonic, EPSRC and Thales. This means students get to see how big ideas can translate into practice in real-world settings, fully preparing each individual for the world of work.

Students are offered the opportunity to undertake a paid placement year. These placements facilitate the practical application of the skills learnt on the course and provide invaluable industry experience. The vast majority, if not all, students completing this sandwich degree go on to obtain full-time employment in the computing industry.

Academic support in the school is second to none. Each student is allocated a personal tutor who helps to create a personal development plan and provide one-to-one support on course-related or other matters. If a student decides to undertake a year’s work placement, this support will continue as a supervisor will stay in close contact and visit each student at their workplace.

The university is incredibly proud of the high-spec facilities that is on offer to students. The school is based in LJMU’s Byrom Street campus, which is engineered to guarantee success thanks to the investment of £6million in state-of-the-art laboratories and teaching facilities. Its computer laboratories provide access to over 150 high-performance computers, including PC/Linux Workstations and Networked Multimedia PCs for general use, in addition to the campus computing cluster. Teaching rooms are also designed to enable the multimedia delivery of teaching materials and demonstrations.

A degree in computer science is not the easy option. It will take a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve your goals as a student and progress into the career of your dreams. LJMU’s job is to provide students with the tools and support needed to achieve those goals.

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