Wargrave Primary School children cook up a treat

Year One pupils at Wargrave Primary School got a real taste of Italy after visiting an Italian restaurant as part of a class project.

The children, who have been learning about senses, visited local Italian restaurant, Ariete Italian Bar and Restaurant in Newton Le Willows, to explore the sense of taste and smell, and they were sure in for a treat.

Restaurant manager, Eduardo Carcamo arranged for all 58 children to design and make their own pizzas from scratch, with a range of toppings including cheese and tomato and pepperoni.

The children then sat down to eat their very own crusty creations, enjoying the real restaurant dining experience, and were able to expand on their vocabulary by describing what their pizza tasted like.

Headteacher, Sue Wade, said: “I’d like to thank the staff at Ariete for showing phenomenal patience towards the children.

“We are eternally grateful to the restaurant for providing us with this memorable experience which was both fun and educational.”

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