Western Approaches HQ – Liverpool’s unique underground WW2 Bunker

Beneath the streets of Liverpool lies one of the most important sites of the Second World War.

On a par with the Cabinet War Rooms or Bletchley Park, Western Approaches HQ was the top-secret headquarters for the fight against Nazi Germany that remains almost untouched with a wealth of stories and atmosphere covering 35,000 square feet waiting to be discovered by modern day visitors.

Liverpool was at the heart of the flow of convoy ships from all over the world bringing supplies into the UK, both to prevent starvation on the home front but also to provide the resources and armaments to launch attacks in Europe and North Africa.

Winston Churchill once wrote that the only thing that ever ‘really frightened him’ during the Second World War was the threat presented by Germany’s U-boats.
Schools can explore the bunker with an experienced guide, following informative guides and quizzes and also select one of the interesting and exciting workshops provided in their dedicated classroom to learn more about the war both at sea and in the air as well as on the home front, it also provides a very convenient base to explore the wider maritime history of Liverpool.

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