What is ‘Normal’?

Drama students from South Sefton College have been working with local Mojo Theatre Company and One Vision Housing to create a drama performance about ‘what is normal’; approaching the issues of the ‘social norm’, tolerance and acceptance of people being different. Marie Morgan, youth engagement officer at One Vision Housing, said: “We chose to work with South Sefton College because it’s situated in the heart of our community and is a partner college of the majority of the schools in the local area. When working with the drama students it became apparent that they themselves had faced experiences of bullying and isolation during their own time at secondary school. They used these experiences to bring the performance to life.”
The play was made up of three different stories, about issues including sexuality, learning disabilities and physical appearance. It conveyed how society generally deals with people who “don’t fit in” and how people’s attitudes can have tragic consequences.


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