Winstanley College announces academy conversion plans

Winstanley College has today announced plans to develop a multi-academy trust in partnership with Golborne High School

In a letter to parents and students, Louise Tipping, principal at Winstanley College, said: “The Governing Bodies of Winstanley College and Golborne High School have agreed to undertake detailed evaluation, including public consultation, about whether to form a multi-academy trust.” 

She stressed that this is “only a proposal” at this stage, and that the final decision of each Governing Body (and the Department for Education) will only be taken after this detailed work is complete. 

Ms Tipping added: “While Winstanley and Golborne are each high performing and extremely successful now, our governors and leadership teams share a commitment to seeking opportunities to improve further in the future. A period of detailed evaluation allows us to explore and analyse the potential of a multi-academy trust to be the basis of a successful shared future. 

“It is important to emphasise that this exploration is being undertaken through choice and because we both want the best for the children and young people that we serve. If a multi-academy trust were to be formed, it would build on the strengths of Winstanley and Golborne. There would not be changes to practical aspects such as the timing of the school day, uniform (at Golborne), the school year – or to our cultures of high expectations of staff and students.” 

It is expected that formal consultation with parents and the wider community will take place after February half-term, with more information provided about the proposals at that time. 

If the Governing Bodies then decide to proceed, Winstanley and Golborne could become academies during the first half of the 2022/23 academic year, subject to Department for Education approval. 

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