World Book Day at Melling Primary

The children, staff and parents of Melling Primary School made the most of the glorious Spring sunshine on World Book Day as they paraded through the streets of Melling on their sponsored book character walk.

Passers-by, drivers and neighbours were delighted to see a whole host of book characters strolling by: Harry Potter, Cat in the Hat, Anne Frank, Elmer, Fantastic Mr Fox, Where’s Wally, Funny-bones, Alice in Wonderland to name but a few of the magnificent costumes – with every child and every member of staff joining in.

Viv Ainsworth-Brown, headteacher, said: “This is one of the many ways in which the school promotes a love of reading.

Reading is not only an essential life skill for learning, but it is also a means by which children can enjoy and imagine other worlds, places and characters; getting lost in a book should be a joy for all children, and grown-ups too”.

The school has recently renovated its library and used the theme of World Book Day to raise funds for quality books for all children to enjoy.

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