WOW! What a week

Throughout the month of June Kensington Community Primary School, Liverpool organised a WOW program and hosted a variety of events right across the school.

This followed on from their fantastic week long WOW Brazil festival that they held during July 2014 in which the children absolutely loved the experience so this year they decided to do it all again!

The first being their International Month which included the whole school taking the opportunity to explore different cultures from around the world including England, China and New Zealand.

The month concluded with a celebration of their multicultural society and the British values that uphold it. The whole school, all 450 pupils then joined together for a picnic party.

Headteacher Mrs Davies, said: “For the past month we have been investigating a variety of countries from around the world thinking about their different cultures, climates and physical geography.

“After thinking about other countries Friday was a time to celebrate everything good about living in Britain with our British Values tea party.

“The children were pleased that both Luciana Berger MP and Nick Small, assistant Mayor were able to attend and celebrate with them.

“At Kensington we have children from lots of different countries of the world but we all share the same positive values in our school. It was fabulous to celebrate the fact that we are all different but in some ways all the same.”

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