Young apprentices get on board

Young apprentices from Glendale Liverpool have been encouraged to get on board with the Apprentice Ship Cup 2015.

Set up by Merseyside Adventure Sailing trust (MAST), this year’s event will build on the success of the 2014 cup, which saw 1000 apprentices from the North West set sail on the Irish Sea as part of the tall ship regatta.

The Apprentice Ship Cup enables young people to gains skills and confidence by becoming crew members on a ship.

Involved for a second year, staff at Glendale Liverpool are encouraging their horticulture apprentices to swap gardening for sailing, and take part in the three week event this June.

Following its launch in November 2014, 22 young apprentices have met with Jim Graves of MAST, to learn about the Apprentice Ship Cup.

The afternoon began at Huskisson dock where the Glendale apprentices went aboard the Stavros tall ship to get a glimpse of life on board.

After a walk around the deck, they gathered at the nearby Titanic hotel for a presentation on how to get involved in the upcoming event.

The presentation, given by Jim Graves, gave insight into fundraising responsibilities, details of the three leg voyage and the benefits of taking part, including gaining a RYA competent crew qualification.

Both Jim Graves of MAST and Peter Cosgrove, general manager of Glendale Liverpool, encouraged the young apprentices to get involved. .

Peter Cosgrove spoke frankly to his young apprentices and encouraged them to make an informed decision about committing to the Apprentice Ship Cup.

He said, ‘It’s not just about getting on the ship, you have to earn your place on it. We need to fundraise. When you get on the ship, you have to have a good attitude – you are representing yourself, your family and your company.’

Following the briefing, the apprentices talked of their excitement to take part.

17 year old Andrew Carolan, from Garston, said: ‘I’ve never been on a ship before so it will be a new experience for me. The older boys told me that if I get the chance to go, don’t miss out on the opportunity’.

Tate Whittaker, 17, from Huyton, intends to take part for the second year running.

Of his maiden voyage, he said: ‘I learnt how to work in a team and gained new skills and experience. As a result, I feel more confident in myself’.

Once the apprentices commit to the project, the next step is fundraising for their place on the ship.

Last year, Glendale apprentices raised £7,500 through various team events, a sum which they will need to reproduce in the months leading up to the event.

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