25 Days of Kindness at Alsop High

This week, Alsop High School launched its ‘25 Days of Kindness’ initiative to encourage young people to be ambassadors of hope and renewal within their school and community. 

The school has appointed 30 Year 7 ambassadors to ‘be the change they want to see’. 

The 30 Alsop Ambassadors are young people who have achieved more than 200 Achievement Points since joining the school this year.  

Each student was awarded an Advent chocolate bar with 25 segments. They were also awarded the Alsop Ambassador pin badge. 

During the weeks leading up to Christmas, the ambassadors have been assigned 25 simple tasks to facilitate kindness on a daily basis. 

Their role is to complete a daily act of kindness and encourage others to follow their lead. Students are encouraged to phone or message someone they may not have spoken to recently.   

Other simple acts include a request to wash the dishes or to pick up ten pieces of litter. 

Alsop's 25 days of kindness

Ms Lyndsey McArdle, head of Year 7, said: “We are keen to promote kindness here at Alsop. These young ambassadors are a real credit to both their families and our school.  

“They are keen to make their communities better places to live, learn and work. 

“Young people can have such a positive ripple effect upon our neighbourhoods. As local hubs schools are catalysts for renewal by fostering communities where everyone can flourish.” 

Mr Paul Masher, headteacher of Alsop High School, said: “We are thrilled to award Ambassador badges to these young people who consistently strive to achieve excellence in every way, every day here at Alsop.  

“We look forward to seeing these acts of kindness spread as we enter the season of goodwill.” 

The school is planning to work with Together Liverpool to establish a Kindness Hub in Walton as part of the kindness network in 2023. 

James Green, CEO of Together Liverpool, said: “Alsop is a school at the centre of its community and it has a vital role to play in bringing transformation to the neighbourhood.  

“With this in mind, Together Liverpool is delighted to support Alsop as they seek to develop a kindness hub with young people participating in social action.” 

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