5 skills kids will need in the future

Independent global organisation, the World Economic Forum, recently revealed five important skills kids will need in the future.

The company spoke to top experts in different fields to hear what they thought were important skills for chlildren.

The first skill is creativity

Toy production company, Lego, said it is a very important skill for children to ‘solve meaningful problems in new ways, and to think imaginatively across disciplines’.

Digital skills is the second point, which the European Commission highlighted.

This is ‘the ability to master new forms of digital tech, especially algorithm design and data handling’.

Number three is collaboration.

The European Commission said the ‘ability to work with others to perform complex tasks’ is important.

The National Center for O*Net Development added that ‘learning to adjust your actions in relation to other people’s needs’ is needed.

Global citizenship is number four in important skills for children.

‘A universal respect for people from other cultures, as well as the willingness to embrace diversity, equality and inclusion’.

The final skill is environmental stewardship.

This is about ‘understanding the fragility and finiteness of natural ecosystems, and how we can interact with them in sustainable ways’.

The World Economic Forum’s Catalysing Education 4.0 report states that ‘investing in childhood skills helps develop people into successful, well-rounded adults, and could also contribute $2.54 trillion to the global economy’.

However, UNICEF highlighted that ‘fewer than half of young people’ are on the path to ‘acquire the skills needed to prosper in work and life’.

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