A day without pens at Fazakerley

If asked to give a top 10 list of the basic equipment required for everyday teaching a pen would be there.

However Fazakerley High School made an unusual decision by banning pens for a whole teaching day!

No pens? How could pupils work and learn?

Well, their ‘no pen day’ demonstrated the power of speech and discussion at developing pupil understanding.

The day was a challenge to their staff as they planned lessons ‘outside the box’ – no computers in ICT, debates in PE and drama in science! Teachers had to re-think teaching styles to extend and develop opportunities for communication, debating and self-expression.

English teacher, Miss Mathews, said: “It was a challenge to make lessons meaningful and ensure learning took place but pupils responded really well and enjoyed the day, I’ll definitely be re-using some of the ideas.”

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