A fantastic grand opening

St Leo’s and Southmead Catholic Primary School in Whiston unveiled its revamped school playground with a grand opening.

The work which has been completed free of charge by artists Patricia McDonald-Holmes and David Holmes, and with the help of local businesses, has completely transformed the outside area into an interactive play and learning environment for the school’s younger pupils.

At the opening the reception children sang a wonderful ‘Thank you’ song with actions while standing on their new stage area.

They then cut the ribbon and presented special handmade thank you cards to all involved in its development. The celebration continued with some cakes and juice and an extended sunny playtime exploring all the new features of their playground.

Headteacher Jeanette Grundy, said: “The children were thrilled. They love it. They now choose to play out and openly chat about the colourful displays and interactive robot wall.

“The kind donation of paint supplies, building materials and artistic talent has created a colourful, interactive and fun environment. We’re all delighted and many more children in the future will benefit.”

Working voluntarily, artists Patricia and David from art4design produced designs to bring to life curriculum topics including animals, the seasons, buildings and vehicles, and interactive wall-art – including a family of robots made from recycled computer parts – to encourage learning and imaginative play.

Painting equipment, wood, guttering, and various building equipment was donated by Travis Perkins of Huyton, and litres of outdoor paint and varnish provided from Bell Group UK, allowed the team to bring their larger than life designs to life.

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