International Day of Education – a live virtual ‘Education for Earth’ event to take place

EARTHDAY.ORG, The Climate Education Coalition and Be. are hosting a live virtual event at Salvation in the Multiverse in honour of this year’s International Day of Education on 24 January called ‘Education for Earth’. 

Multiverse is a blockchain-enabled platform with photorealistic graphics. It provides proprietary Interactive Immersive Reality (IIR) technology to make any environment fully interactive with innovative and unique real-time social layers. 

During Education for Earth, discussions about what needs to be accomplished in 2023 to make equitable education possible will take place. 

The Climate Education Coalition’s will announce their official letter to the COP 28 Presidency, which calls on the United Arab Emirates to prioritize climate education at COP 28. 

The mission of The Climate Education Coalition is to work collaboratively in preparing future and current generations to face the consequences of the climate crisis while also bringing together responsible solutions to reverse climate change.  

By instilling responsibility amongst the masses, the coalition aims to establish compulsory climate education in schools worldwide and promote the importance of: 

Green jobs 

– Technologies and policies 

– Civic engagement  

– Youth empowerment  

– Climate justice 

– Equity to members of civil society, politicians, UN officials, entrepreneurs, and global press. 

The virtual event will also showcase the major strides made at COP 27 this past November. 

These include EARTHDAY.ORG’s first Climate Education Hub and provide eventgoers the opportunity to participate in an interactive Q&A with the Climate Education Coalition. 

To learn more about how to join, click here.

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