A first for Liverpool

Studio@Deyes is the newest option for 14-19-year-olds across the Liverpool city region and engineering is at the very centre.

Deyes High School is sponsoring the opening of a studio school on Wavertree Technology Park which is set to open in September 2016.

Sarah Gregg, marketing manager, said: “We have taken the growing sectors of our region and worked with industry leaders and employers to create a curriculum that will ensure our students are ready to meet the skills gap and become the future leaders of the fastest developing sectors in the North West and engineering was top of our list.

“Indeed, students can specialise in engineering from Year 10, aged 14.

“The school is pioneering a level of engagement with local and regional businesses yet unseen in education.

“Studio@Deyes is already working with engineering leaders such as ISG who are undertaking the exciting new Lime Street development in the coming year.

Phil Charnock of Draw & Code said: “In the coming years there will be an enormous skills gap. Industries will be crying out for software engineers, developers and coders. Studio@Deyes offers a practical and fantastic solution to this problem. Preparing students for guaranteed jobs.

“Engineering is a growing sector with endless opportunities and the new school for 14-19-year-olds gears young people towards secure futures.”

After studying at Studio@Deyes students are encouraged towards direct employment, high level apprenticeships and higher education.

Ofsted has written of the studio school model: “Students are well-prepared with the knowledge, skills and personal attributes required to develop successful careers.”

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