A leader in the making at St Hilda’s

A sixth form pupil of St Hilda’s Church of England High School has been tipped as a political leader in the making.

Grace Pepper was an active member of the school parliament in her lower years and is now a much valued member of the college leadership team.

Head of college, Roy Bellmon said: “She has been a member of the education select committee since 2017 where she represents Liverpool Schools Parliament, working with our local councillors in the town hall.”

Liverpool City Council has recently set up a Air Scrutiny Panel in which Grace is an active member, the panel was set up to actively responded to the recent climate marches by establishing this committee.

At the end of 2019 Liverpool placed a bid to become a UNICEF child friendly city. As part of the process, Grace attended a discovery day where she delivered a speech upon the importance of the mental health of our young people, which was voted as the most pressing issue and will become one of the three main aims of the project.

Grace helped to co-ordinate ‘Make Your Mark’ within the North West where young people decide on the biggest issues they face.

Grace also represented the UK at the week-long International Model European Parliament in Madrid, where the committee passed the resolution of constitutional affairs to the European Union.

In February, Grace will be attending the next meeting in Luxembourg along with six peers from St Hilda’s.

Roy said: “I would like to thank her for all the hard work and effort she puts in to making things better for others. Well done Grace, we are all very proud of you!”

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