A novel way of borrowing books at ASFA

The Academy of St Francis of Assisi (ASFA) is delivering library books to students in a unique way this term.

As the academy’s library has been unable to open as normal to students, librarian Ms Wade has created a novel way of sharing ASFA’s huge array of books.

With a decorated trolley jam-packed with fiction and non-fiction, Ms Wade has been making her way around the school playground during breaktimes, allowing students to take books to read in school or at home.

Once read, the books are then returned to the quarantine box.

Students can also request a specific book which Ms Wade will deliver to them on the trolley’s next outing.

Ms Wade said: “Although the library is closed for the time being, the idea of not having a thriving space, which is so valued by our students, deprives them of the vital cultural experiences which are important to their development. So, I decided to bring the books to them!

“Everyone has been really positive about this new way of borrowing and it’s been an excellent way to introduce the library to the new Year 7s and to re-establish the relationship with the older year groups.

“The trolley is cleared every day and the conversations evoked in the playground are a pleasure to hear from early in the morning until school closes.”

Mr Kevin Maddocks, head of school, said: “The school has a strong belief in the value of reading for pleasure and the students’ eagerness to borrow the books indicates that they value it too.”

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