A unique and transformative mental health platform for young people

Founded in 2020 by Linsey Lunny, Hidden Strength is a unique mental health platform for 13-24 year olds.

As the NHS struggles with funding, and are dealing with an overwhelming number of young people with mental health issues, Hidden Strength aims to become its ‘go-to’ portal for advice, guidance and support. Access to the platform and therapists is free to the user.

Hidden Strength is supported by several leading experts in their field, one being John Cameron OBE, former director of Childline. He said: “The uniqueness of the Hidden Strength app is an illustration of a significant reassuring evolutionary jump through the provision of support for children and young people online, providing the very opportunities children and young people need.”

Dr Dawn Harper, practising NHS GP and TV presenter, is part of Hidden Strength’s advisory board. She said: “Working as an NHS GP, I have seen a worrying increase in the number of young people suffering with mental health issues in recent years. The effect of the pandemic has sadly exacerbated the problem, so I was delighted to join the team at Hidden Strength to help combat the issue with such an innovative solution.

The app offers the user a wealth of features including:
• A community chat function.
• A journal section which is a private space for recording feelings in the moment, which is also monitored by AI to determine who may benefit from a therapist’s intervention
• The ‘Life Ring’, where young people can access direct support from professional therapists and councillors
• A public story feed, which is curated by Hidden Strength’s own content team and approved content creators
• A wealth of self-help resources including guides to mental health, nutrition, wellbeing, current affairs, finances and exercise.

Hidden Strength also has a website which is a hub of information for both young people and parents/carers/teachers. It covers key topics like anxiety, self-harm and eating disorders, as well as bullying, sexual health and relationships.

CEO and Founder Linsey Lunny struggled with her own mental health and was diagnosed with anorexia at the aged of 17. The world of social media and its impacts on mental health made Linsey fear for her own young daughter’s mental health.

Linsey began to research support that young people have online around social media and mental health, and found there was very little support offered. She said: “That was the brainwave moment, that was when I realised something had to be made to support young people online.”
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