Abbot’s Lea students build partnerships in Germany

The head boy and head girl of Abbot’s Lea School recently represented the specialist school in Germany as part of a seminar with the British Council.

Students Joe and Megan have accepted their roles as International Ambassadors for the school, with the view of sharing their own experiences and learning from others.

The visit was inspired by the school’s vision to be the international centre of excellence in autism education, research and professional development and the students took on the task of building international links with a partner school near Dusseldorf in order to facilitate future exchange trips in the future.

The excursion marks the first ever international school trip for the students at Abbot’s Lea School, which specialises in delivering the highest quality education for students living with autism and a range of associated learning needs.

The four-day seminar included meeting and building relationships with overseas teachers and students, a visit to local school Fasia-Jansen-Gesamtschule, gaining a better understanding of the overseas education approaches as well as taking part in workshops jointly with students from other European schools.

Speaking about the trip, Micah Grimshaw, head of autism research and development said: “This was a great experience for Joe and Megan who haven’t been away before on an international school trip. For someone who is autistic, travelling can be a daunting situation but we carefully ensured they were both comfortable and confident with that what the trip entailed every step of the way, in a bid to reduce any stress or anxiety they might have felt.

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