School gets the bug for ‘hands-on’ science

Teachers and pupils at St Vincent de Paul Catholic Primary School in Liverpool are some of the first in the country to be trying a new ‘hands-on’ method for teaching and learning about science.
Pupils at the school have been quick to catch the bug for science by using the system which enables regular and varied practical scientific experimentation in the classroom, even at home.
“With Empiribox everything is ready for teachers to use right out of the box,” said Phil Stewart, headteacher at St Vincent de Paul.
“By having sufficient materials and equipment to allow working in pairs every week of the school year to conduct a whole range of exciting experiments, we will be more able to nurture a keen interest in the wonders of science which will help our pupils excel as they head for secondary school.”
The nationwide trial has involved more than 50 primary schools during the past year and has recently led to the system being made available to all primary schools in the UK.

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