Adding up to success! Arts College host Numeracy Week

Arts College host Numeracy Week

An all-girls secondary school in Croxteth has been promoting the importance of numeracy and maths skills.
Numeracy Week is a yearly initiative by St John Bosco Arts College which promotes numeracy skills and mathematics amongst pupils.
Pupils across all year groups got involved in weekly activities and challenges to promote the importance of understanding basic numeracy skills and mathematical problems.
Numeracy tasks during the week included a ‘Puzzle of the Day’ which was shared on school screens and social media; using numeracy clocks to work out the time; times table games in form time and lunchtime quizzes in the school canteen.
The Happy Puzzle Company visited the school to help Year 7 and 8 pupils to problem solve and develop thinking skills.
The week concluded with a numeracy presentation and discussion exploring where numeracy is used in school and everyday life.
This follows recent research from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) which found that eight out of 10 British school-leavers “lack essential business skills” such as numeracy.
St John Bosco is hoping to buck this trend and prepare pupils with the necessary skills when they leave school for either higher education, an apprenticeship or a job.
The school believes numeracy skills are an essential lifelong skill which is important to understand for the world of work and everyday life. Its excellent maths practice and dedication to promoting numeracy skills was rewarded earlier this year when the school was awarded the ‘Gold Liverpool Counts Quality Mark’.
Numeracy and teaching and learning co-ordinator Paul Coffey, said: “Good numeracy skills are an important skill to have, not only for future careers and jobs but for all aspects of everyday life such as paying bills and finding the best deals when shopping.
“Numeracy Week is our way to showcase numeracy in action; throughout the school day pupils are faced with puzzles, activities and numeracy-themed games to get them thinking about numeracy in a new, exciting way outside scheduled maths lessons.
“We have had a fantastic response from pupils every Numeracy Week and this year has been no different

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