Together for the Common Good

Schools in North Liverpool have pledged to work together for the common good and encourage collaboration between people of different faiths and cultures.
A faith based initiative will be delivered during 2017 in partnership with Together for the Common Good, Liverpool SACRE, the Archbishop of York Youth Trust, Liverpool Diocese, churches of all denominations, fellow faith traditions and community groups
Jenny Sinclair, daughter of the late Bishop David Sheppard, has worked with Alsop High School to produce a Common Good Schools Toolkit following their successful partnership ‘HOPE2016: Working Together for the Common Good.
The toolkit will be trialed in Liverpool and is intended to provide a stimulus to schools that desire to work more closely with families and residents who wish to build stronger and more resilient communities.
It will be available to other schools who wish to be involved in the autumn of this year.
Peter Bull, co-ordinator of FAITH 2017 said: “The Common Good Schools Toolkit will be a fantastic resource for schools. It will enable schools to encourage dialogue, collaboration and friendships between the different parts of the civil society including different faith communities.
“It demonstrates how a school rooted in its community can be a force for the common good. We are delighted that Alsop High School has brought schools and community groups together to generate shared learning experiences.”
Young people will be encouraged to actively listen to each other, without prejudice and discover common values and work together.
FAITH 2017 will establish and develop relationships between faiths, between communities and between individuals that lead to positive action.
The aim is for young people to a dream of a better future and equip them with the skills to take an active role in their communities.

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