Alfie is a true inspiration

Alfie Butler a Year 8 student at St Michael’s High School has been recognised for his commitment to the school’s eco alliance by being shortlitsted for the Liverpool Echo Award – Personality of the Year.

Despite a number of barriers to his learning including Down’s syndrome, Alfie has put his heart and soul into the St Michael’s eco alliance.

Irene Melia, strategic business development manager at St Michaels, said: “Alfie has been a member of their eco alliance since he was in Year 4 having regularly attended our eco fun learning club from when he was at primary school!

Since then he has continued to be an enthusiastic eco member who actively engages in all aspects of our eco work giving hours of his own time each week attending the after-school club every Wednesday in addition to participating in all our other extra meetings, community work and fund raising activities including numerous raffles, cake sales, christmas and easter stalls.

“Alfie works extremely hard during all our outdoor sessions; he always gets stuck in to whatever needs doing regardless of weather conditions (as long as there are plenty of refreshments!)

“He’s worked tirelessly on our woodland walk, clearing debris, planting trees and creating wildlife habitats. Alfie has also planted numerous fruit and vegetables in our allotment area which he regularly tends to all year round again regardless of weather conditions.

“Alfie is an enthusiastic cook who is always eager to volunteer for chef duties when our home-grown produce is ready to be harvested. He has cooked us delicious jams, cakes, pies, chutneys and soups. However, there’s nothing he loves more than testing the end produce himself!

“Alfie has also been a dedicated member of our Farm Club. He loves cleaning the donkey stables and is now an expert on grooming and hoofing our four-legged friends, Ted and Sunshine. Alfie has often been up to his knees in mud and water but he never shies away from what needs to be done”.

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