Alsop High School to develop faith learning hub

Alsop High School in Liverpool has received financial support from the Church of England to develop a Growing Faith Learning Hub with partner primary schools, families and faith communities. 

The ‘Together We Can’ initiative by the school has received national funding.

The Growing Faith Learning Hub will foster opportunities to celebrate faith through stories of hope and social action within schools throughout north Liverpool. 

The hub will be the catalyst to grow faith, form character and develop a “Network of Kindness” to bring people together. It will provide the opportunity to link the faith communities with local schools and institutions. 

As part of this initiative, Alsop High School will work with Arnot St Mary and Kirkdale St Lawrence Primary Schools, Walton Team Ministry and Liverpool Diocese. 

They have pledged to work together for the common good and encourage collaboration between people of different faiths and cultures.  

The hub intends to foster communities where the voice of children and young people is instinctively at the centre of thinking, and practice and where children and young people are enabled to be leaders and ‘agents of change’. 

Mr Paul Masher, headteacher of Alsop High School, said: “We are thrilled to be selected for this initiative. It provides a unique opportunity to build relationships and break down the barriers between younger and older people.  

“We look forward to working with faith leaders to encourage all to take responsibility and make Walton a better place to learn, live and work.” 

Mr Peter Bull, coordinator of the faith hub, said: “We seek to raise the aspirations of young people and facilitate their healthy and full development, enabling them to become mature, responsible citizens who are active in the community.  

“To have this level of investment in north Liverpool is exciting. It gives us an opportunity to be really creative and to think outside the box.  

“Children, young people and families are at the core of what we do and at the centre of our decision making. It means we can have fun in thinking about how we meet their needs in a new way.” 

Alsop High School has strong links with the Liverpool Jewish community and recently led the schools’ presentation at the Civic Service for Holocaust Memorial Day at Liverpool Town Hall.  

The schools intend to re-establish Faith Days where young people will visit places of worship across the city. People of different faiths will visit the schools and churches to tell their stories of faith.  

The faith hub will also work closely with Together Liverpool to establish a ‘Network of Kindness’ across north Liverpool. 

Together Liverpool is a joint venture between the Diocese of Liverpool and the Together Network. The venture works across the whole of the Diocese of Liverpool. 

Ms Fiona Roper, headteacher of Arnot St Mary CE School, said: “The faith hub will enable us to continue to develop safe spaces to learn the language and understanding of religion.  

“This will enable us to help children and adults talk about their faith in both in Arnot St Mary CE School and at home. This will be facilitated through the work of the pupil led and adult supported Ethos Group.” 

James Green, CEO of Together Liverpool, said: “Together Liverpool recognises that schools are at the centre of our communities and play a vital in their transformation.  

“We are aware of the strong partnerships developed by Alsop in north Liverpool and their determination to bring hope to their area.  

“Together Liverpool is delighted to work with and support Alsop and Walton Team Ministry’s Faith Hub as they seek to develop social action.” 

The schools recently produced a Together We Can film at Liverpool Anglican Cathedral and captured the voices of young people.  

This film was then promoted by SPCK and Merseyside Police. It won an award at the National Crimebeat Awards 2022. 

Watch the film here.

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