Alsop students make an impact

Twenty-six Alsop students had an amazing evening, at Liverpool Everyman Theatre, as they watched Romeo and Juliet.

The play, a modern interpretation, reversed the gender of Juliet and portrayed them as gay lovers.

This version of the play, directed by Nick Bagnall, saw a mass of talent from the Everyman’s youth wing join the rep company regulars for the season’s Shakespearean climax.

Rival dynasties, were played as gangster families, both ruled by the kind of shiny-suited patriarchs who might once have propped up an episode of Only Fools and Horses, and each had its own legion of street-fighting scallies sniffing out blood.

English teacher, Mr Van-Gordon said: “There were many other schools in the theatre but students from Alsop High stood out. So much in fact that the marketing department took a picture of us all and tweeted it when we arrived.

“At the end of the play in front of the whole theatre the cast specifically thanked our school for its support with the flags and then happily agreed to get on a picture with all of us.

“Alsop students made a huge impact on the production, you could tell that they brought out something special in the cast (we were sitting right at the front so you couldn’t miss us!).”

Headteacher Mr Joe Mangan, said: “We are delighted that Alsop students had the opportunity to watch this brilliant production. Alsop has worked extremely hard to earn a reputation for being an inclusive school community where diversity is recognised and celebrated.”

Our 2017 Ofsted inspection report notes that: “Pupils say that diversity is recognised and celebrated within the school community. In addition, “pupils and parents say that bullying is rare, including racist and homophobic bullying.”

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