Students get to meet the experts

Students of all ages from The Academy of St Nicholas, which is part of All Saints Multi Academy Trust, recently got to meet industry experts as part of an ‘Industry EXPO day’.

Over 70 employers from different sectors visited the academy, from NHS workers to hairdressers, from construction workers to HMRC. Local colleges and universities were also in attendance and provided supplementary advice and support for students wanting to understand the accessible pathways available.

The event was held as part of the ‘Curriculum for Life’ provision at The Academy of St Nicholas, which aims to equip students with essential life skills. Prior to the event, students learned how to meet and interact with employers, including looking at formal greetings, conversation starters, and key questions about career progression routes.

The event was divided into two areas. The first area enabled students to learn more about the different careers, the qualifications needed and the various pathways they can take. The second area was a networking space where pupils could meet professionals and find out more about their career journey.

This unique experience was daunting for some students, but they soon developed the confidence to introduce themselves to the experts and learn about the careers that really interested them.

Year 10 student Elsa said: “I couldn’t make up my mind if I wanted to go into medicine or psychology. I found out that the NHS have careers that combine both. So now I am going to apply for a degree that combines psychology and medicine.”

Another year 10 student, Charlotte, is a cadet who has always wanted to join the RAF.

She said: “Now I know I can become a nurse in the RAF, I have found my career.”

Students had 30 minutes to speak to employers of their choice and were given an ‘exit ticket’ to show they had spoken to at least three employers during their 30-minute slot. Over 90 students spoke to five or more employers.

Headteacher Jeniffer Sing said: “This was a really great experience for our students, and to hear that some have already made decisions on their careers is brilliant. It was wonderful to see them making the most of the event and trying to speak to as many employers as possible.

“Afterwards employers told me our students were a credit to the school and that they were enthusiastic and driven. We aim to prepare our students for all aspects of life during their time here at The Academy of St Nicholas and this is just one of many initiatives we are proud to deliver.”

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