Ambition is all around at ASFA

The Academy of St Francis of Assisi (ASFA) has appointed a new Student Leadership Team for the 2020/21 academic year.

When the academy announced that applications for a place within the team were open, the response was overwhelming. Interested students were then tasked to prepare for an interview and give a presentation on a relevant topic; ‘Ambition – what it means to me’.

The standard of presentations was outstanding with many preparing personal responses from the heart, all articulately delivered with passion, creativity and confidence.

Many students, such as head boy, Amman and head girl, Noor, drew upon their journey to Liverpool from their native countries. They expressed their ambition to not only be the best they can be but to support others to achieve their dreams – a clear message and inspiration for others in the school.

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Amman defined ambition in the following way: “I see ambition as the fuel for the fire inside people. The thing that drives them to achieve their goals and reach success. Ambition is the first step you need to take in order to create or do anything.”

A team of 13 has been appointed and each individual has been awarded a gold tie. They will each link in with a key member of staff with clearly defined roles, from charity ambassadors, academic and curriculum leads, pastoral support and wellbeing, as well as leaders of the student council and students’ voice.

Mrs St John, senior assistant head of school at ASFA, said: “Interviewing the team has been a truly humbling and inspiring experience. They had clearly practiced and didn’t look at their notes, speaking fluently and confidently throughout their presentations.

“Their personalised view of ambition is inspirational. I believe we can learn as much from students, their experiences and their ideas as they can from us and this is a clear example this.”

The student leadership team forms just one part of the academy’s growth programme – a values led approach to personal development, cultural enrichment, leadership and faith.

The overarching aim, through the leadership ladder, is to develop a student’s character, confidence and to become an articulate young adult who can contribute to society and make a difference to their future.

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