Special schools open in new building

Two Liverpool special schools are re-opening in a new multi-million pound building on Thursday 24 September.
Bank View and Redbridge High Schools in Fazakerley have moved into a linked building with some shared facilities one mile from their old home.
The move has enabled both schools to increase their capacity with Bank View going from 120 to 150 places and Redbridge from 90 to 120 places.
Redbridge High School has specialist facilities including a hydrotherapy pool, sensory rooms, a soft play area and a therapy room.
Bank View caters for autistic pupils and those with emotional and behavioural difficulties while Redbridge is for those with profound and multiple learning difficulties.
Paul Cronin, headteacher of Redbridge High School, said: “We are all absolutely delighted that the new school project has now come to fruition.
“Staff and governors are thrilled to be able to provide our pupils with state of the art facilities they need and deserve to enhance their learning experiences even further.
“The pupils themselves have adapted immediately to the new facilities and take great delight in welcoming visitors and showing off the new building.”
Juliette Gelling, headteacher of Bank View School, said: “Everyone at Bank View School is delighted with the new building. Each part of the school has been designed to meet the needs of our students and they are already benefiting from the new areas of school, such as the vocational and sensory rooms.
“All the staff and pupils have settled well and we are all so proud of our new environment which promotes a calm and relaxing atmosphere in which pupils can progress socially and academically.
“This is an exciting time in Bank View’s life and we very much look forward to watching our students flourish and move successfully on to the next stage of their lives.”

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