Awakening in Belvedere

Anticipation grew as the classical music rang out from the speakers around the darkened gym and drama studio.

Three hundred members of the audience were eagerly awaiting Belvedere Academy’s ‘Awakening’.
With their usual precision and finesse, led by Mr Deakin, the choir, chamber choir and orchestra filed in followed by Mr O’Keeffe.

Over one hundred and twenty students, joined by the Belvedere Preparatory School, took part in the Spring Music Concert.

First up was the massive show opener, Gary Barlow’s Sing and the girls did not disappoint.

Newly crowned Wirral Music Festival champions, the chamber choir simply delighted. It is hard to believe that they are a school choir with some singers as young as eleven years old.

Accompanying every performance was the orchestra which has doubled in size since last September. The newly formed chamber orchestra, conducted by Mr Deakin, played a number of pieces that showcased the immense talent of the musicians.

Not only did the Belvlings have the cute factor but they can sing too and this was shown in Real Love and the fun When I Grow Up from Matilda. This is only their second performance as a choir and already they are confident performers and crowd pleasers.

Unfazed by the large audience, the Belvedere Preparatory chamber choir took to the stage and sang with gusto.
Alex Jones performed a wonderful rendition of Popular from the hit musical Wicked whilst Georgia Maestri-Banks sang a haunting version of Ella Henderson’s Yours.

As Mr Hill lifted the lights, there were shouts of ‘Encore!’ and we were treated once more to the Lion King classic Circle of Life.

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