Merseyside barrister speaks to students

Notre Dame Catholic College recently welcomed Zia Chaudhry into their school to give a talk on the Muslim community.

In the current climate of suspicion and negative media regarding the Muslim community Mrs Pauline Ronan, head of religious education at the college thought it absolutely necessary to invite Zia Chandhry in to speak with Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 students.

Pauline said: “Zia is a Muslim barrister in Merseyside who feels compelled to speak to schools, prisons and other institutions to emphasise that Muslim extremism does not apply to all Muslims.

“Notre Dame students found Zia an engaging and fascinating speaker and were eager for him to answer their many questions after his talk to the group.”

Year 9 students also welcomed Joanna Millan, a Holocaust survivor as a guest speaker to the college.
Pauline said: “Joanna’s testimony will stay with the students and staff for a long time. The remarkable thing that was so inspirational about Joanna was her positivity. Despite all the unthinkable things that Joanna witnessed and lived through, she is full of hope and happiness.”

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