Banishing lockdown boredom (part 1)

Parents around the country are doing their best to keep some type of a school routine at home at a time when the coronavirus has dramatically altered the structure of our everyday lives. However, even factoring in a school learning day and a working day for parents, many of us are spending a lot more time at home with hours of time on our hands. Let’s be honest, self-isolation can lead to boredom for any member of the family and it’s why helping parents, children and teens cope is so important.

Each day this week we will be bringing you ideas on keeping parents, children and teens entertained during lockdown and how to make staying in just as fun and productive as going out.

One way to spend your time, executive editor of Educate and mother of two, Kim O’Brien suggests is to learn something new? Keen to encourage her teenage children to get creative, plus rediscovering her own Nikon camera during the lockdown, and with so many different things to photograph at home from pets to food to family members, she suggests an online photography course. Even without places to go, there is no end to what can be photographed in the home or in the garden. So why not develop your own skill or inspire your teen and all get creative.

Having asked a few professional photography friends and taking the online class in Photographing Children and Pets herself, Kim recommends looking at Nikon School Online. For the month of April all their courses are free.

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