SENDSCOPE appoints new teacher

Innovative provision, SENDSCOPE, has proudly announced the recent appointment of Miss Hubbard as a new SENDSCOPE class teacher. SENDSCOPE, based in South Liverpool, supports neurodiverse young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) to reach their full potential and achieve success.

Miss Hubbard, who initially joined the school as a teaching assistant, has demonstrated exceptional dedication to education and a keen interest in neurodiversity.

Having earned her primary teaching qualification in 2022, Miss Hubbard sought to enhance her classroom experience and registered with SupplyWell as a teaching assistant. The supply solution provided Miss Hubbard with an opportunity to work in a secondary setting, engaging with Year 7 students.

SupplyWell is proud to partner with SENDSCOPE, offering all registered teaching assistants the opportunity to complete SEND training. Miss Hubbard’s enthusiasm for education and commitment to understanding neurodiversity became evident, leading to her appointment as a teaching assistant (TA) within the SENDSCOPE team in January 2023.

Miss Hubbard concurrently enrolled in a TA coaching program, where she honed her skills and confidence in addressing the unique needs of children. Her ability to teach adaptively and remove barriers to learning was evident throughout the coaching program.

Miss Hubbard assumed increasing teaching responsibilities and quickly became a standout member of the school community. The positive response from the children she taught was remarkable.

In December 2023, Miss Hubbard was officially appointed as a SENDSCOPE class teacher. The provision was delighted with her appointment. Her dedication, passion, and hard work reflects their commitment to providing an inclusive, supportive learning environment.

When asked about her new role, Miss Hubbard said: “I hope to continue developing the academic progress of the young people who attend SENDSCOPE whilst also promoting a positive experience with education and love for learning that they will remember in years to come.”

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