Blast off!

Melling Primary School was visited by a skybolt rocket ship which was elevated to its spectacular full nine-metre height in the school grounds.

The rocket’s arrival signalled an exciting day of activities for the whole school based on rockets and space, exploring all kinds of space related themes including meteorites, rocket fuel, space food, and the intriguing prospect of space tourism.

Throughout the day the children put rocket science to the test, launching their own rockets high above the playground.

Children from local nurseries were invited to come and join in the excitement with the day ending on a high point when the whole school community came together to watch the spectacular launch of a model of the rocket in the school grounds.

Headteacher, Viv Ainsworth-Brown said: “There is so much interest in space at the moment, so we were delighted when we were able to give our children the opportunity to experience, close up, a real space rocket.

“The day’s activities have done so much to inspire the children. In Melling we pride ourselves on our memorable, exciting curriculum – and what a way to launch a new school year!”

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