Booker’s Got Talent

Booker Avenue Junior School recently held their first ‘Booker’s Got Talent’ show to highlight the talent they have at the school. The event gave every child in the school the chance to participate.

Children from all year groups were able to audition and perform in front of their peers.

Headteacher Richard Thompson, said: “All the children’s performances were their own work and they rehearsed in their own time. The event was not so much a competition as a showcase of the many talents and abilities our children have.

“Over 70 children were selected to perform in the final evening performance, some of whom may not have performed in front of a large audience before. More than 150 parents watched the final showcase. “Other aspects of the show were also organised by the children, from making programmes and tickets to acting as compéres on the night.

“This is the first time Booker Avenue have put on this event and we have been staggered by the array of talents that our pupils possess; some of which we knew nothing about until now. It has been fantastic to see their excitement and watch their confidence grow to perform in front of so many happy parents. It is something we will definitely make a fixture in our calendar.”

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