Build My Future Festival for students

Year 12 students at Life Sciences UTC attended the college’s ‘Build My Future’ festival and took their first steps toward landing the job of their dreams.
The three-day festival focused on how to prepare for university, apprenticeships and employment. Students were invited to participate in various lectures and seminars, with each day emphasising the importance of different aspects of employability.
With core career areas ranging from medicine, veterinary science and dentistry through to engineering and drug discovery, an expert from the sector delivered each session.
Vice principal Ian Parry was extremely pleased with the progress being made thanks to the help of external partners and academics, he said: “Our students have had an exceptional experience. Their work has been truly inspirational and will provide them with further opportunities to explore their chosen pathways and ultimately, give them unique advantages to source the careers that they aspire to.”
The event included students creating their own personal LinkedIn profiles, with assistance from social media experts helping them craft a powerful online presence.
Mr Parry maintained: “This is somewhat distant from the traditional careers support given to students, but doing so creates a direct channel of communication with thousands of employers looking to hire young graduates and apprentices.”

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