Building a better world

Above: Inside one of the dens

Pupils from Everton Nursery School and Family Centre joined together to celebrate ‘Den Day’, an international event organised by Save the Children.

All of Everton’s 150 children took part in the event, which included creating, building and exploring dens – both indoors and outdoors.

The national event has been launched by Save The Children with the aim of making children aware of those living without a shelter in times of disaster and conflict, ​and the variety of homes in which people across the world live.

Faye O’Connor, teacher at Everton Nursery School and Family Centre said: “Den building is much loved by all of our children and the idea of a full day celebrating dens was a really exciting proposition for them.

“Dens were built inside the classroom using a range of materials whilst some of our day-to-day activities such as story, song and snack were held inside the dens.

“Apart from the obvious excitement and magic of creating dens, the children saw how we can build a shelter from everyday materials and talked about how other people live and create their own temporary homes.

“The school’s outdoor forest area played a key role in the day and the outside dens were built around a campfire.

“We encouraged parents, carers and staff to sponsor the event by way of donations which will go to Save the Children. We saw this as a great opportunity to have fun, be creative, learn and build lots of brilliant dens!”


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