Celebrating creativity with dot-art at Alsop

Pictured above: Left: 1st place Lucy Beadman, centre: 2nd place Mariam Alfahed, right: 3rd place Sonia Cirstina

Alsop High School students are celebrating the school’s creativity and success after its high quality artwork entries won prizes in Liverpool City Region art competitions.

Alsop students entered the 2021 dot-art schools competition as part of an initiative to celebrate young people’s creativity, build confidence and improve wellbeing with three Alsop students winners of the prestigious art competition. 

Mr Jim Collis, art teacher said: “Huge congratulations go out to three Year 9 students who submitted winning entries. The first prize was awarded to Lucy Beadman, second prize to Mariam Alfahad and third prize going to Sonia Cirstina.

“Lucy’s drawing, titled heart of the sun will now form part of a high profile public art exhibition at the Port of Liverpool Building which will be open from 11 June up until the 25 June 2021. She now stands a chance of becoming the overall winner for 2021.”

An announcement will be made on Thursday 10 June. The students are now looking forward to attending the online prize giving ceremony and receiving their certificates.

Mr Paul Masher, Alsop headteacher said: “We are delighted that the judges have recognised the high quality artwork being produced here at Alsop. The winners have shown real talent and potential. We are proud we have gifted artists who have shown confident use of materials, technical skill and an imaginative approach to their work.”

Mrs Paula Alker, head of art said: “This is a great achievement for Alsop students. The competition takes art out of the classroom and into the real world. Art is the perfect way for students to process their thoughts and feelings when trying to make sense of the pandemic. Participating in dot-art Schools provides a key part of that recovery process.

“We know that the pandemic has increased the disadvantage gap markedly; engaging with dot-art Schools helps build valuable cultural capital in students.”

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