Greater Manchester teenagers to release debut single

A teenage indie trio from Salford/Manchester will release their debut single tomorrow (22 December). 

The trio, ’The Height’, is made up of 12-year-old John Denton, 13-year-old Brandon Greenhalgh and 16-year-old Ted Ellis. They formed earlier this year.

John Denton, 12, from Salford, is the group’s guitarist and lead singer. He has been shortlisted for a national songwriter award and has been recognised by top producers.

Lady Gaga once retweeted a video of one of his live performances, and he has had praise from his own music hero, Johnny Marr.

John attends All Hallows RC High School in Salford.

The group also consists of Brandon Greenhalgh on bass, and Ted Ellis on drums. The three-piece group had their first gig in August at the Eccles Beer Festival.

The Height have a fast-growing audience. Their Twitter account, which was set up a few months ago, is already at 462 followers.

They announced the release of their debut single, ‘Nowhere’, 2 December. There has been plenty of excitement surrounding it.

It will be available across streaming and download platforms.

So far, there has been positive reviews from music journalists about the unreleased single.

The official lyric video will also be premiered on The Height’s Youtube channel on Christmas Eve at 7pm.  

The Height has already performed in-front of hundreds of people in their hometown. After their single has debuted, it will be available for the world.

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