Cheshire pupils make a difference taking on the #BigBagChallenge

Pupils and staff at St Bernard’s RC Primary School, Ellesmere Port, proudly participated in the Great Big School Clean recently.  

The Great Big School Clean is an initiative created by the charity Keep Britain Tidy which encourages school children across the UK to get involved and come together to litter pick. This spring, schools are taking part in the #BigBagChallenge to make a difference and improve the environment.

Conservation is at the heart of the school curriculum and pupils at St Bernard’s are always inspired to find ways to protect the environment. As part of the Great Spring Clean Challenge, students at the school pledged to collect twenty bags of litter and have been focusing on their local area and discussing the pride they have for where they live.  

Equipped with their own pickers, on Monday 20 March, each year group excitedly explored the school grounds and surrounding areas to fill many bags with all kinds of litter.  

The students not only met their target, but surpassed it by collecting twenty-six bags instead. In addition to this, an astounding eight shopping trolleys, tires, and more were accumulated. 

Throughout the day, photos and videos were taken to create a four-minute video that was then shared online to spread awareness of the school’s involvement in the initiative in hopes of more schools and individuals supporting the cause.  

Mrs Julie Le Feuvre, head of the school, said: “It was an honour for our school to participate in Keep Britain Tidy’s The Great Big School Clean.  

“At St Bernard’s, we place an emphasis on the pride we have for Ellesmere Port; we want to support our local community the best we can, and taking care of the environment is a key factor in doing so.  

“Our students’ commitment to this project is highly admirable and we’re so proud to have surpassed the target that was initially set out.  

“They’ve learnt a lot from this experience, and it will further assist with their understanding of themes like conservation which are explored inside and outside of the classroom.”  

St Bernard’s firmly believes that ‘we have a responsibility to contribute to the world’ and ‘positive partnerships enhance change’.  

The school is proud to be part of Holy Family Catholic Multi Academy Trust where the importance of developing individual excellence and building strong communities with Gospel values at the heart is realised in all that the academies do.  

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