Dan Carden MP meets with students at Alsop High School

Mr Dan Carden, Member of Parliament for Liverpool Walton, recently visited Alsop High School as part of their RESPECT 2020 initiative. He also met students informally, for a cup of tea to establish the issues and concerns of young people.

The visit arranged as part of the Alsop RESPECT 2020 initiative, provided a fantastic opportunity for Alsop students to learn about the work of a constituency MP. Dan spoke passionately about serving the people of Walton, and his role as Shadow Secretary of State for International Development.

Mr Carden addressed a packed hall and was keen to take questions from the floor. Students were eager to ask him about his career and life in Westminster.

One student asked if he could sum up both himself and his political beliefs. Without hesitation, he responded “Solidarity.” Mr Carden also spoke about communities working together for social justice.

Mr Carden referred to the values and ethos of Alsop. Using the words of “The Alsop Way”, he spoke about how knowledge, respect and opportunity are the key components of a successful pathway to personal and academic achievement.

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