Derek Acorah

My School
Warwick Bolham High School in Netherton, but that has been closed down for a long time.

My Favourite Teacher
That would have to be Mr Jack Westerby.

My Favourite Subject at School
Geography, and Sport of course. I absolutely loved football as well as all sports.

My Best Friend at School
Robert Hurrell.

My favourite childhood singer/band
Without a doubt that would have to be The Beatles, a band that had  phenomenal global success – and came from Liverpool.

Do you remember your first school love?
To be perfectly honest I don’t, but then I am a gentleman and wouldn’t tell!

My views on school dinners
I did not eat school dinners so I have no idea what they were like. I was a packed lunch boy with my mum’s lovely homemade sandwiches.

What my teachers said about me in my school report?
“If Derek applied himself to school work as much as sports and football, he would be a brilliant pupil”. What more can I say!

What were your ambitions while at school?
To be a professional footballer. I was lucky enough to play football  with teams such as the legendary Bill Shankly’s Liverpool Football Club and then USC Lions in Australia.

Where you streetwise or a geek?
Most definitely a geek.

What does the future hold for yourself?
I’d like to travel more and broaden my horizons – taking my work to other countries and help others to experience the supernatural.

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