Driving home dangers

Sixth form students at West Derby School spent their enrichment lessons learning about the dangers of blind spots when driving.

As part of the link with the logistics themed academy, Bibby Distribution Limited provided the same training session they give to their own drivers. To make it more authentic they brought along one of their articulated vehicles and really captured the interest of the students.

One student said: “It was really frightening standing alongside the truck and realising that there was no way the driver could see me.

“This morning has been really interesting and I will certainly pay attention to blind spots when I am learning to drive myself”.

David Morley who organised the session said: “Bibby Distribution Ltd has been working with West Derby School as part of the think logistics/career ready programmes for some time.

“As an extension of this partnership, Bibby recently delivered hands-on sessions for Year 12 students as part of the Brake Road Safety week – looking at speed reduction and vulnerable road users. The school facilitated these sessions to maximise their impact”.

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