eCadets starts 2017 with a double launch!

The multi-award winning eCadets is celebrating the launch of a brand new website and new project GoBubble with a special offer for Primary Schools.

It’s only weeks in to the New Year but eCadets are making 2017 its most successful and exciting yet, with two new launches announced.

The eCadets programme, founded by former Police Sergeant Henry Platten, empowers children to learn to stay safe through play and is run by pupils in a school.

Nadine Carroll, headteacher at Whitefield Primary School, has nothing but praise for the eCadets Scheme, saying: “Joining eCadets is the best online safety decision I made. It is amazing value for money and it’s made a massive impact at our school.”

eCadets will be launching a brand new website ( to make it even easier for schools and pupils to use.

The refreshed website will include fun new features including reward certificates; learning badges for every child and a new showcase area where children can pick their best content and share across the eCadets community.

Schools and pupils can now even record their own track record in online safety and claim up to nine reward badges in core online safety and digital citizenship skills. Headteachers and teachers can also compare how their school is progressing compared to the national average of other eCadets schools.

Not set on one new launch, eCadets has revealed its next innovative project, GoBubble. GoBubble is a site that has all the fun of social media with the bad bits taken out. Described as ‘Facebook’ for seven year olds, Henry Platten has developed a safe social media platform that young people can use.

GoBubble from eCadets puts an end to unwanted friend requests, dubious content and the potential for cyber-bullying. It allows children to take advantage of the best bits of social media without any of the negative aspects.

“We need to accept that our kids love social media and will use it no matter what the age limit is, so my view is, don’t ban them, just provide them with a safe alternative that has all of the up sides but none of the down sides,” says Henry Platten, founder of eCadets. “GoBubble is that safe alternative.”

Empowering and supporting pupils to keep their friends safe online is the heartbeat of the award-winning programme, so eCadets is now offering a great offer for primary schools interested in signing up to the scheme.

Primary schools can receive both the Key Stage 1 programme and the Key Stage 2 Primary programme for just £600 (saving you £250!).

To claim this offer, simply call eCadets on 01244 893 281 or head to their contact page

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